ashtm 820x443 - 4 most common respiratory diseases that affect us

4 most common respiratory diseases that affect us

There are hundreds of respiratory diseases that have been diagnosed till date. While it is not important to know them all to take necessary precautions, it is good to know the common ones that plague humanity. In this post, we will look at those.

As is our mission statement, prevention is our mantra. Keeping aside serious ailments resulting from hereditary factors, measured steps can ensure that we at least control most ailments, if not prevent them altogether. Such steps include lifestyle, diet and the proper use of household chemicals.


ashtman - 4 most common respiratory diseases that affect us

Asthma is perhaps the most common respiratory disease. In many cases, it is hereditary and develops from a very early age. Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways. Symptoms include tightness of the chest, coughing and breathing difficulties. Asthma patients often carry an inhaler with them in case of difficulty in breathing.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a series of related diseases that is mostly characterized by a general difficulty to breathe normally. The respiratory tract is obstructed with substance such as tar from tobacco. The disease occurs predominantly in smokers, or in a few cases, people who have been exposed to a significant amount of second-hand smoke.


Pneumonia - 4 most common respiratory diseases that affect us

Most of us remember from our biology lessons that the human lung consists of tissues. In some cases, these tissues undergo swelling, leading to Pneumonia. Usually the swelling is caused by excessive fluid deposit in one or both lung tissues. Symptoms of this disease include accelerated heartbeat, breathing difficulties and fever.


The bronchi is a set of pathways that carry air to the lungs. Bronchitis is caused by an inflammation of these pathways, either due to fluid deposit or formation of mucus. Bronchitis is characterized by fever and excessive coughing. In some cases, it can be chronic in nature, leading to COPD. People who have weaker immune systems are especially susceptible to this.

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