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With the advent of the internet and open source media, medical advice isn’t just restricted to expensive consultations with your doctor. Today there are many resources online, backed or published by experts, that you can refer to. We have put together a list of resources that advice on anything and everything pertaining to health, lifestyle and the human respiratory system.

European Respiratory Society

The European Respiratory Society (ERA) is a European organization that conducts research and releases publications on all matters regarding the respiratory system. Their blog is called Respiratory Matters, which talks about issues such as pulmonary rehabilitation, lung cancer and clinical research in the field. It is good to keep up to date with this blog.

American Lung Association

The American Lung Association (ALA) is our equivalent of the ERA that campaigns significantly for respiratory wellness. They maintain a comprehensive blog that looks into areas such as lifestyle, wellness, prevention of diseases and even the biological functioning of the lungs. They also have an extensive network of support communities if you need assistance.

The Environmental Blog

The Environmental Blog  focuses on aspects such as Energy, Sustainability and the Environment. We know that environmental occurrences have a direct impact on the human respiratory system. Events such as climate change and global warming can have disastrously negative consequences for us. A great blog to read up on the changing environment around us.

Pure Earth

Pure Earth focuses on pollution and its negative impact on the planet. Check out this blog to know about global events relating to pollution, and how different governments and civic authorities are combating pollution.