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In an uncertain political world with existential challenges to humanity such as climate change and global warming, we want to put together in our blog the major news that affect respiratory health. The intention is to spread awareness so that people can take necessary precautions.

North Carolina Heat Wave, 18th of June

The alarm bells have been sounded on a heat wave that is spreading to the Triangle. North Carolina is expected to be the major casualty, with temperatures during the week of June 18 expected to hit 95oF. Rising temperatures and heat waves are known to affect people with hereditary respiratory problems such as asthma especially, but aren’t just restricted to such people.

Air Quality alert for Western New York, 18th of June

The heat wave is not expected to be limited to the Triangle, but is part of a trend across the country. With rising temperatures, the Department of health has sounded an air quality alert. Ground level pollution is expected to increase with the temperature, and people in manual or outdoor work environments have been advised to exert caution.

Indoor pollution in India

The healthcare company, Phillips LLC, conducted a study in India recently that deduced that 7% of deaths in the country were a result of respiratory diseases. At least 4-5 factors have been identified as the stimuli behind such diseases, and pollution has been attributed to not just outdoor environments, but also indoor.

Animals in Alaska can be pathogens

Scientists in Alaska recently deduced that a type of respiratory pathogen that normally nests in farm animals such as sheep can also be present in animals such as moose and caribou, which are particular to the norther state of Alaska. This was after the recent death of a few caribous was attributed to this particular bacterium.